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Beat that holiday comedown and get back into fitness

holidays workout

So you’ve just come back from a fabulous break away full of sun, sea and ice creams. And despite your best intentions to hit the gym and eat healthily while you’re away, you found yourself spending more time by the pool then in it. Fresh off the plane, you’ve gained some extra pounds and lost all your motivation, here’s some tips on how to get back into fitness after your holiday…

  1. Ditch the guilt

    Everyone needs a holiday and actually taking a break from training and giving your body a rest is a good thing. Forget the ice creams and puddings you scoffed every day, and accept the fact you have let things slip. Don’t waste time on thinking negative thoughts, thinking positively will give you the motivation to get right back into it.

  2. Embrace the poundage

    Unless you’ve been super active or super good you will most likely have put some extra weight on. Most of this is probably because of the increased amount of salt, alcohol and sugar you’ve been consuming (you know it!) so will disappear in a few weeks once you’re back on your normal diet. A pound of fat is 3600 calories so unless you’ve had a really crazy holiday you’ll unlikely have put on a large amount of weight, anything you have gained will most likely be lost when you restart your regular activity.

  3. Don’t get stuck in that rut

    Having a break can make it tricky to get back into your flow, the temptation to continue lazying around is strong and hitting the gym again is gonna hurt. Pull yourself out of this as soon as possible and get moving!

  4. No detox and no starving!

    Do not starve yourself or start some funky detox diet, your body will be used to eating more so your more likely to fail and risk ruining your motivation. Instead start eating your usual healthy diet, drink more green tea and combat cravings by snacking on fruit and other healthy snacks. After my recent holiday the first thing I did the next day was fill my fridge with strawberrys, cottage cheese and ryvitas, then when I had the craving to munch I had something healthy to hand.

  5. Perfect planning

    Keep on the straight and narrow by planning your diet and workouts for the week ahead. Hit the shops and the gym as soon as possible to keep you on track and off with a bang.

  6. Bounce right back into the gym

    Lets face it, after a week or so of doing nothing getting back into the gym is going to hurt. There’s no way around it so the sooner you get it out of the way the better. Some people suggest going up a KG or so when lifting, to compensate for missing workouts whereas I personally prefer to do an all body workout incorporating cardio, weights and something which combines the both like Kettlebells.

One thing you’ll notice is how quickly your body bounces back, keep hold of this thought and use it as your motivation. In a few weeks you’ll have your body back and just be left with memories of an awesome holiday!

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