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Crazy Workouts - High On Your Heels

Crazy Workouts - High On Your Heels

Most of my heels are best described as ‘Car-Bar shoes’ that is, they’re designed to get me from the Car to the Bar and no further. So usually reserving my heels for nights out, the thought of working out in them feels me with fear. While dancers have been training in them for years recently I’ve heard of a number of celebs and normal gym-goers working out in them, as well as the rise of new heeled work out classes.

Most heel classes offer to help you tone your legs and bum, while also teaching you how to confidently walk in your shoes. These classes generally combine traditional exercises with dance routines to burn some serious calories. But is it safe? Not surprisingly leading podiatrists say no, Hillary Brenner a podiatrist based in New York says “If you’re jumping up and down, you’re forcing all your body weight to rest on the balls of your feet which can result in stress fractures and ligament damage. You can also hurt your knees and your lower back. In some cases, it can be a total body disaster.”

Do the benefits out weigh the risks? Would you work out in heels?

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