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How to lift weights like a girl

How to lift weights like a girl
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If you’re looking for a lean toned body then weight training is your answer. Far too many women think that by lifting heavy weights they will pack on loads of muscle and look like a huge bodybuilding man. Women have 10 – 30 times less testosterone in their bodies compared to men.

So fortunately for you, bulking up way beyond a beautifully toned physique isn’t going to happen. Lifting weights is one of the ultimate fat burners for women, so if you’re not already lifting weights it’s about time you got on it.

Weight training will build lean muscle in your body and the more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be, which means that you’ll burn more unwanted body fat. If you lift weights twice a week for 8 weeks then you should drop 3 percent body fat.

Doesn’t Just Make You Look Good

In a women’s mid 30s she begins to lose 5-10% of muscle strength every ten years, which means that as lean muscle burns three times more calories than fat any woman that doesn’t lift weights is missing out!

As your strength increases it can have a positive effect on everyday activities. Daily tasks become a lot easier, and your chance of injury dramatically decreases. Strength training can also reduce blood pressure; strengthen bones against osteoporosis and help fight against depression. Women who regularly lift weights also have a higher self-esteem and are able to fight off illnesses a lot easier. When you have strong muscles, ligaments and tendons your body is far more capable of withstanding any stress that you may put on it.

You can do strength training in the form of circuits with a High Intensity Interval Training for a really good workout. For more has some great advice for beginners.

So forget the cardio machines, find yourself a good trainer or class and get building those muscles.

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